Website Creation, Web Design Course and Training

Training in Website Creation, SEO Optimization, Web Design.

Aim of the program:
The program Strenton – Website Creation aims you to learn how to build a business site yourself using the WordPress platform and to optimize it for leading positions in search engines.

Why the training is important
The website is your online business card. Owning a stylish website that stands out from your competitors’ websites and is easily detectable by keywords in the online space will contribute to the success of your business.

Strenton Academy – intensive website creation training

The problem
Many people find it too complicated to build a company website and because there is no one to show them they turn to someone else to do it.

If you decide to give someone else to create your website, this will cause to incur costs from your side, and not infrequently, to overpay for website creation, optimization, changes and maintenance. And sometimes, due to the lack of sufficient budget that you have, your website may not be built at the right level and may be ineffective – with poor design or undetectable by the search engines. This, in return, will give your competitors an edge, and you will suffer losses from missed opportunities.

The Strenton solution
You can avoid all this by learning to build your website by yourself without investing money and avoiding paying fees for further changes, maintenance and optimization.

    • This will save you money that you can redirect to another activity.
    • You will be independent from others. This way you will be able to make design and content changes as per your preferences.
    • You will even be able to build websites for your acquaintances or assist them in improving their already created ones.

Strenton Academy – web design, SEO optimization

After completing the training

    • You will be able to create a company website.
    • You will know how to make your site stylish so that it creates a pleasant feeling and is different from the competition.
    • Also, you will learn how to control your website and how to make changes to its content and design.
    • You will be able to optimize it for search engines so that it is ranked among the first positions and is easily findable by keywords.
    • You will gain knowledge on how to make it practical by adding different plugins.

The training includes many rules, best practices, recommendations and tips for building a better site.

Some of the topics included in the training are:

    • Installing WordPress
    • Installing plugins
    • Choosing a theme and modifying its design
    • Creation of a slider
    • Content formatting, HTML, CSS
    • SEO – Website Search Engine Optimization
    • Publication of the website
    • Final adjustments and subsequent updates

Training duration
16 class hours /each class hour is 40 min./
The duration of the program is two weeks.

Time of the classes
1st option: Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 12:00 /4 class hours per day/.
2nd option: Saturday and Sunday – from 14:00 to 17:00 /4 class hours per day/.
3rd option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – from 19:00 to 21:30 /3 class hours per day/.

195 EUR

Signing up
You can request your participation by phone: +359 887 01 12 01 or by email:
Strenton Academy welcomes you!

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Strenton Academy - Website Creation and SEO optimization