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Trainings for Developing Business Skills

Strenton Academy
Strenton is a specialized academy for business trainings, courses and seminars.
The Academy is created with purpose to train people, so they can be highly effective in any business.

Our business trainings include the following programs:

    • Leadership and Management
    • Management Tools
    • Financial Analysis and Control
    • Recruitment
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Sales
    • Presentations
    • Website Creation

The trainings are intended for:

    • Everyone who wants to gain solid knowledge in the relevant field and develop their business skills.
    • Young people and people with no experience in the respective fields who want to develop, succeed and have the ambition for career advancement.
    • People with experience to further develop their skills and achieve even better results.
    • Managers of different levels who want to better manage their team and organization and easily handle the challenges arising from their positions.
    • Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and want to prepare themselves for its successful management.
    • Business owners who want to further develop their business and make it even more successful.

Important: In order to successfully complete the trainings, no prior knowledge or experience in the field is required.

Why the trainings are important
In today’s world where everything is turned into a business, it is important for the people who want to be successful to build their business skills and to have a good preparation in that field.

Strenton Academy – intensive business trainings in leadership, management, financial analysis and control, recruitment, marketing and advertising, sales, making presentations, website creation

The Problem
Unfortunately, most of the important business disciplines are not taught in the universities or not at the right level and most of them are purely theoretical and with ineffective practical application.
Nobody prepares us for the really important things in business, for the challenges that we will really face, and we have to find them ourselves mostly through trial and error, which sometimes takes a long time and is a very expensive option.

The Strenton solution
With Strenton’s trainings, you will learn the successful models and the effective methods to act in any business environment.
This will save you from making a lot of mistakes, some of which could cost you your career development. You don’t have to learn the things the hard way. With us you will directly learn the best practices, skills and techniques for the respective discipline. This will allow you to prove yourself in your job and get a chance for professional growth.

    • Due to its wide applicability, the knowledge will serve you in every company, organization, business environment, own business, personal life. Wherever you go, in any company or in any position, this is knowledge that will work for you.
    • The knowledge will give you confidence and will lay the foundations for success. Through the trainings you will not only be able to advance quickly in your career path, but also will build yourself up and more easily will overcome the difficulties and the challenges that you will inevitably face.
    • You will also save time and a bitter personal experience by gaining knowledge from the experience of those who have already succeeded before you.

Strenton Academy – business skills development

With Strenton’s trainings:

    • You will learn to achieve great results.
    • You will learn not only WHAT you need to do, but also HOW to do it.
    • As an end result you will be prepared for numerous situations, your will react quickly and it will be easier for you to handle difficult situations.

With our preparation you will feel confident to take control in your own hands.

What we are different with:
With the serious trainings and the solid preparation we offer. All of the Academy’s programs contain a significant amount of expert knowledge and include all the important things you need to know about the respective discipline.
With the preparation method we use. The programs are designed in a way that allows quick and easy assimilation of the material and its immediate application in practice.
With the pure knowledge we provide. Our trainings do not include games, idle talk and stuff with no practical application.

Strenton Academy – solid preparation and expert knowledge in pure form – no games, no time-wasting, no unnecessary information

Why choose Strenton’s trainings:

    • Because of the quality of the trainings
    • The speed of preparation
    • The practical orientation

All of Strenton’s trainings are:
Qualitative. Strenton offers extremely high quality and effective trainings. With us, you will learn the best practices – models, techniques, rules and principles to deal with any challenge. The purpose is to be well-prepared and to know what is really waiting for you in the work, the problems you will face and have ready solutions for them.
Highly intensive. The programs are specifically developed to provide you the most important knowledge as quickly as possible so you can start using it immediately. You will receive all the necessary information in a short period of time, so this will speed up your preparation process.
Practically oriented. The trainings are developed for practical application, to bring you as close as possible to the real environment in which you will use them. Things from the practice are included, based on used real practical experience. These are the things that work!

Strenton Academy – quality, speed and practical orientation

Trainings conduction
The trainings are conducted in small groups. When the minimum number of participants for the respective training is filled, the group starts immediately.
The trainings are conducted mainly in the form of presentations, and contain many examples and models from the real business.

Each graduate receives a certificate from Strenton certifying his or her successful completion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in our trainings.
The acquired knowledge will be your own property. Whatever business you start working for, it will always be with you and help you. It will become your personal arsenal of skills that you can use at any time.

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Strenton Academy - Business trainings and courses

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