Leadership and Management Course and Training

Training in Developing Leadership and Management Skills.

Aim of the program:
The program Strenton – Leadership and Management is our trademark and core program that aims to prepare you as quickly and as qualitatively as possible for a leadership or management position. This is a specially developed training and course to achieve fast results..

Why the training is important
The good leadership skills are a key factor for career development in any organization and its successful management. The better preparation you have, the faster and easier this will happen. These are the key knowledge and skills that everyone should have in order to successfully lead a team, department, project, organization.

Strenton Academy – intensive leadership and management training

The problem
Unfortunately, there is no place where we get quality training to prepare us for leadership and management positions. Most trainings offer insufficient knowledge, include only general talk, irrelevant games with no practical application, and are led by people, some of whom have not even held leadership positions and have no practical experience in this field. It is therefore not surprising that the problems and the difficulties faced by people promoted to leadership positions are big.

Very often, people are promoted to management positions because of their good work and professional knowledge, but since no one prepares them for those positions and the difficulties they will encounter, people learn from bitter experience, and this often leads to mistakes , lowering the results, and sometimes to failures. Also, many people think they are ready to take a leadership position and expect to be promoted, but somehow that doesn’t happen. If you do not prove first that you can manage and know what you are doing, your superiors will not allow you to lead a project and a team.

The Strenton solution
In order to be ready for a leadership position, you must have the necessary skills and mindset. This is exactly what you will get with the Strenton program – quality preparation for a management position.

    • This will allow you to quickly achieve career development.
    • You will be able to calmly accept the challenges and handle your responsibilities as a leader or manager and to be successful on this position.
    • Your will learn how to create and manage effectively team and quickly take control of every project.

Strenton Academy – preparation for leaders and managers

After completing the training

    • You will know the best practices and will have the necessary knowledge to be successful as a leader and manager.
    • You will have the confidence to lead a team.
    • With the acquired knowledge you will have the training to handle your duties as a manager in every company, department, project and to achieve excellent results.
    • You will know from where to start and what to do.
    • You will improve your organizational and communication skills to be highly effective in your work.

In the training are included many models, principles, techniques and examples, which will become an integral part of your leadership skills and will serve you in practice without misfire.

Some of the topics included in the training are:

    • Leader and manager’s qualities and skills
    • Leader and manager’s actions
    • Team creation and working with people
    • Effective communication
    • Organization and coordination of people, projects and processes

Training duration
32 class hours /each class hour is 40 min./
The duration of the program is one month.

Time of the classes
1st option: Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 12:00 /4 class hours per day/.
2nd option: Saturday and Sunday – from 14:00 to 17:00 /4 class hours per day/.
3rd option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – from 19:00 to 21:30 /3 class hours per day/.

395 EUR

Signing up
You can request your participation by phone: +359 887 01 12 01 or by email: office@st-strenton.com.
Strenton Academy welcomes you!

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Strenton Academy - Leadership and Management