Marketing and Advertising Course and Training

Training in Revenue Generation with Marketing and Advertising.

Aim of the program:
The program Strenton – Marketing and Advertising aims you to learn how to grow a business, get customers and generate revenue.

Why the training is important
The Marketing stays in the foundation of every business. Therefore, everyone should know the factors that contribute to making one business successful.

Strenton Academy – intensive marketing and advertising training

The problem
Many people are not aware of the full potential of the marketing and therefore don’t take full advantage of the methods and the techniques that it uses, which in return leads to many missed opportunities to build a more profitable business.

Even if you have a great product, if you don’t have a good marketing and advertising strategy, your product is very unlikely to become successful on the market. If you don’t take a good position in a market, your competitors will. And the customers and the revenue from that market will flow to them.

The Strenton solution
The training will guide your way of thinking towards how to generate revenue, which is the basis for developing any business, and not to how to limit costs.

    • This way you will gain customers and will increase your revenue.
    • Using the knowledge you will make more people aware of you and your business and successfully market your products.
    • You will not be worried about competition, and despite it you will be able to successfully grow your business.

Strenton Academy – business development and revenue generation

After completing the training

    • You will know the principles and the rules of the marketing and advertising for revenue generation and business development.
    • You will learn how to use marketing models for business analysis. This way you will be able to make the right decisions for your business development.
    • You will be able to develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan. And also, you will learn how to find new markets and customers and how your products to reach them.
    • You will learn ways to successfully advertise your products and business.
    • You will know how to build a corporate identity – brand.

The training includes many models and techniques that you will always have available in your work.

Some of the topics included in the training are:

    • Marketing positioning
    • Marketing plan
    • Competitive advantage
    • Pricing
    • Advertising
    • Copywriting
    • Branding
    • Merchandising

Training duration
16 class hours /each class hour is 40 min./
The duration of the program is two weeks.

Time of the classes
1st option: Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 12:00 /4 class hours per day/.
2nd option: Saturday and Sunday – from 14:00 to 17:00 /4 class hours per day/.
3rd option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – from 19:00 to 21:30 /3 class hours per day/.

195 EUR

Signing up
You can request your participation by phone: +359 887 01 12 01 or by email:
Strenton Academy welcomes you!

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Strenton Academy - Marketing and Advertising