About Us – Strenton Academy

Academy for business trainings, courses, workshops.

Strenton’s Activity:
The Academy develops and offers high quality trainings that serve in practice. Trainings to prepare those who want to be successful leaders and managers for their challenges, as well as those who want to develop professionally in the business field.

Strenton’s Goals
The goal of the academy is to provide quality knowledge and skills to all people who have the ambition to develop themselves professionally and to achieve high results, to lead a team and to be directly responsible for people, projects and processes, or to develop their own business and to make it successful.

The goal of the academy is to develop both young people and prepare them to work in a real business environment in order to advance quickly and to do better in their work, as well as to provide quality additional knowledge to people with already acquired experience, so that they can improve their skills and achieve even better results.

Strenton Academy - Business trainings and courses