Recruitment Course and Training

Training in Recruitment Skills, Interviewing.

Aim of the program:
The program Strenton – Recruitment aims you to learn how to find the right people for your team, project or business.

Why the training is important
Your success will greatly be guaranteed by the team you will work with. That’s why it’s important to know how to find the people you can successfully grow the business you work for or your own.

Strenton Academy – intensive recruitment training

The problem
Unfortunately, many people underestimate this process and make big mistakes in the hiring people process, which subsequently causes them many problems.

Making the wrong choice is expensive – it costs money, time, nerves and inefficiency. And often as end result you will have to start the selection process right from the beginning. The inappropriately chosen person will have a negative impact on you and your team, as well on the organization and the business itself. And to deal with these negative consequences, you will need to put in extra effort and time. With the training you will save yourself all these troubles.

The Strenton solution
With Strenton’s recruitment training you will get the knowledge you need to make effective selection process, identify the people who are suitable for you, and thus you will find and build a strong and stable team.

    • This in turn will greatly increase the efficiency and the work done by the team.
    • It will increase the number of successful projects, as well as their faster completion and better quality.
    • With the right choice, you will save time and money and you will guarantee smooth work for your team and company.

Strenton Academy – interviewing and evaluating candidates

After completing the training

    • You will know how to find and build your own highly efficient team of people you can count on.
    • You will be able to determine what exactly you are looking for. And also, you will be able to make a profile of what conditions the candidate should meet for the position.
    • You will learn how to effectively conduct an interview. This way you will be able in the short time to receive the information you need.
    • You will know what questions to ask and how to analyze the candidates’ answers to give you a better understanding of ​​them.
    • You will have the knowledge to make the final assessment of the candidate to find out if he or she is suitable for the position.

The training includes many techniques and helpful tips that will always help you when searching the right people.

Some of the topics included in the training are:

    • Creating of a profile of the ideal candidate
    • Preparation of a job posting and initial selection by documents
    • Planning and conducting an interview
    • Questions and techniques for analysis
    • Evaluation and selection
    • Additional things that are important to pay attention to

Training duration
8 class hours /each class hour is 40 min./
The duration of the program is one week.

Time of the classes
1st option: Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 12:00 /4 class hours per day/.
2nd option: Saturday and Sunday – from 14:00 to 17:00 /4 class hours per day/.
3rd option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – from 19:00 to 21:30 /3 class hours per day/.

95 EUR

Signing up
You can request your participation by phone: +359 887 01 12 01 or by email:
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