Management Tools Course and Training

Training for Effective Management Skills.

Aim of the program:
The program Strenton – Management Tools aims to give you the methods that the effective managers use to improve the processes they are responsible for. This is a training and course to achieve excellent results.

Why the training is important
From the manager is required to achieve results. The more management tools you know and use, the faster and more successfully you will achieve your goals and results. These are tools that can improve the performance of any team, project, organization.

Strenton Academy – intensive management tools training

The problem
Most people do not receive training about the successful models, which many leading companies use to improve their work processes and activities in their organizations. No one is teaching us what these models are and how they are used.

The success of the leading companies is largely due to the established culture of continuous improvement and the successful projects for improvement implementation. Without the knowledge of the successful models and tools used by the leading companies and the successful managers, we are deprived of the opportunity to be highly effective as them and to achieve exceptional results.

The Strenton solution
To be able to change and improve the processes you are responsible for, you need to learn the ways in which this can be done. Through the Strenton Management Tools program, you will learn the specific models and methods which the successful managers and organizations use to ensure the continuous improvement of their work processes.

    • This will give you an advantage over the others and you will get results faster and easier.
    • You will become an effective manager who does not bother to make changes to improve workflows.
    • You will acquire a new way of thinking towards building a culture of continuous improvement that will ultimately lead to high results.

Strenton Academy – developing effective managerial skills

After completing the training

    • You will know the best practices for making improvements.
    • You will be able to analyze processes and improve them.
    • With the acquired knowledge you will be able to improve the quality of your work and the work of the team you lead.
    • You will know what actions to take to achieve great results.
    • You will know how to manage an improvement implementation project so that it is successful.

The training includes many models, schemes and principles that will serve you daily in your job as a manager.

Some of the topics included in the training are:

    • Project Management
    • Lean, Kaizen, Kanban
    • Business processes – analysis and improvement
    • Operational management

Training duration
16 class hours /each class hour is 40 min./
The duration of the program is two weeks.

Time of the classes
1st option: Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 12:00 /4 class hours per day/.
2nd option: Saturday and Sunday – from 14:00 to 17:00 /4 class hours per day/.
3rd option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – from 19:00 to 21:30 /3 class hours per day/.

195 EUR

Signing up
You can request your participation by phone: +359 887 01 12 01 or by email:
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Strenton Academy - Management Tools